Introduction on Firestack

Firestack is a non-inflationary cryptocurrency.. oh wait that’s sounds like CORE right? Yes, FRSK is a fork of CORE on different blockchain.
We use Thundercore blockchain for cheap and fast transactions, our token has a total supply of 10.000 tokens and a fee of 1% on each transaction which is going directly to our vault.

How does the vault work?

As writed above each transaction on FRSK includes a fee of 1%, for example if i send 100 FRSK to my friend, my friend will receive 99 FRSK, 1 FRSK will be distributed to our vault (5% dev fee and 95% goes to our farmers)

How can I join the rewards?

All you have to do is buy FRSK from TTSwap and then add them to the pool with the equivalent amount of TT, as seen on CORE whenever a user adds liquidity he wont be able to remove it from the pool, this way we keep the price more stable and avoid huge dumps.

When you are ready, go to our website and deposit your LP tokens if you do that you are good to go, enjoy your rewards!

Some more info about Firestack | FRSK

Token address: 0x2a7a59c82812a4b70Dedf76ef4F3b7451A212a3f
Ticker: FRSK
Total supply: 10.000 (10k)
Vault contract address:0xD5646Cd5F1f6041a28E4279D54FBB6355Ce28421

If you have more questions feel free to join us on :



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DeFi project built on Thundercore Blockchain.